The Great Shake Out 2019

It’s that time of year again! Time to get – as the kids say – ‘shook.’ (I’m sure they’re talking about earthquakes… right?) The Great Shake Out is an international earthquake drill, practiced by millions … More

The Great Dynamo Debate

How to Choose: Dynamo or Batteries for Your Earthquake Kit? When it comes to dynamo (hand crank) radios and flashlights, opinions are often split. There are diehard enthusiasts who believe storing alkaline batteries for an … More

The Montreal Quake

You know those moments where you learn something you really should have known already? The ‘what?… oh!’ moments that make you slap your forehead? Well, I had one of those this week – two if … More

The Triangle of Life

What are we talking about when we mention “The Triangle of Life?” No, not a reflective triangle, or Canada health food pyramid. It’s not even the little plastic triangle that stops the pizza lid from … More

The Neskowin Ghost Forest

Up and down the coast of Oregon and Washington USA there are forests that appear only at low tide. They rise from the waves in eerie silence, each tree a crumbling reminder of its former … More


As an earthquake preparedness company, we here at Quake Kit tend to focus on all the things you can do before a quake to minimize its affects and maximize your safety and comfort. Today however, … More

Earthquake Lights

The deep seismic shifting of the earth can cause many strange phenomena. Rolling roadways, liquified soil, and anxious animals are only the tip of the iceberg. Earthquake lights are perhaps one of the rarest and … More

Animals as Earthquake Detectors

Can Animals Predict Earthquakes? Has Fido been acting feisty lately? Is Miss Snuffles hiding under the bed when she’s usually so social? Perhaps hoards of toads, rats, and snakes are heading for high ground through … More