Vancouver has a new Resilience Officer!

British Columbia is Getting Prepared – Vancouver’s Resilience Officer

At Quake Kit, we’re all about advocating for self-sufficiency and personal emergency preparedness despite what’s going on around us, but it’s always encouraging when those around us do step up and start taking action for the betterment of community.

On April 4, Vancouver, BC announced a new Chief Resilience Officer for the city! It’s a new role, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and Katie McPherson is the person to fill it. As someone who’s been working for Vancouver in disaster management and preparedness for a number of years, she seems very fit for the position of overseeing the city’s strategies around withstanding stresses and major shocks.

In the day to day, she’ll be addressing issues that are more chronically affecting the city—like homelessness and poverty. But this doesn’t take away from efforts she’ll be making to better prepare the city for earthquakes and other major disasters that could be imminent.

We’re hopeful that this is a step in the right direction for emergency preparedness, and particularly earthquake preparedness—living where we do!

With that said, even if having a new Chief Resilience Officer helps reduce the tragic impact of an oncoming earthquake, it’s still a wise idea to get your household prepared as if help is not going to come.

If you’re wondering how you can begin getting prepared for an earthquake, check out our online shop at Quake Kit and get a basic kit that suits your household size, needs, and location! And if you’re looking to educate yourself further, check out some more of our posts on this blog and the blog on our sister site: Total Prepare.

-Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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