Safe Travels!

It is one thing to be prepared at home, but what can we do when traveling? How can we prepare? In August this year, a Canadian family’s earthquake survival story showed up in the news. … More

Preparing Your Home for an Earthquake

As you can read about in this recent earthquake article in the LA Times, upgrading your home to better withstand an earthquake is voted not-a-waste-of-time by prominent seismologists. Because it’s impossible to know when an … More

Earthquake Stories to Remind Us

Do you remember reading Aesop’s Fables as a kid, or for that matter, any fables— stories with morals? And in most cases, tales with very blunt, blatant morals? Well, sometimes reading about disasters feels like … More

Did You Feel the Bump?

Did you feel the bump, recently? At around 9pm on Thursday, June 15th, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.7 struck Washington State. And many people from Victoria, BC say that they felt it. Some … More