Earthquake Survival Stories

Earthquake Stories to Remind Us

Do you remember reading Aesop’s Fables as a kid, or for that matter, any fables— stories with morals? And in most cases, tales with very blunt, blatant morals?

Well, sometimes reading about disasters feels like a fable, even when no one in the story did anything wrong that could be helped of fixed. Sometimes it feels like the ending of every disaster story should be: And that’s why it’s so important to get prepared.

Because really, you can’t be too prepared. And if you’re living within the Pacific Ring of Fire, preparing especially for earthquakes is a healthy and self-preserving practice for you and your family.

In case you need the motivation, below is a short list accounts from real earthquake survivors:

Earthquake stories are also often reminders to be grateful, as well as to get prepared. Even starting with a basic earthquake survival kit will help you face the disaster and maybe even come out the other side stronger.

-Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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