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Extra Earthquake Preparedness Tips!

If you’ve experienced an earthquake tremor before, you’ve probably put some thought into the possibility of getting prepared for the Big One in some way. There are a lot of resources that will share with you the essentials of getting prepared — resources like our Quake Kit blog as well as the BC Government’s PreparedBC website.

So please, if you haven’t had a chance to discover the basics of earthquake preparedness for yourself, carve out some time to catch up and purchase an earthquake survival kit at your earliest convenience.

In the meantime, today we want to share some “bonus” preparedness tips!

  • When you’re preparing your home and making an emergency plan with your family, walk through each of the rooms in your house and pick a safe place in each one. These include places under large, sheltering furniture and against interior walls — away from windows and bookcases etc. that could fall over.
  • Teach yourself and teach your family how to turn off your home’s electricity and water supply.
  • Locate beds and chairs away from windows and chimneys.
  • Add duct tape to your survival kit!
  • Learn how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Take a first aid course.

Often, those who have the best bonus tips are the people who have lived through some kind of emergency situation. If you have any bonus tips you’d like to share, please contact us and share them with your community!

-Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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