Know the Risks

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Know the Risks

You need to know what to expect during an earthquake and what to do before, during and after an earthquake.  Preparing for an earthquake requires knowledge, planning and supplies that will give you the confidence you need to be self sufficient.  Quake Kit is here to help you do just that!

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In Canada, the coast of British Columbia is the region most at risk from a major earthquake. Other areas prone to earthquakes are the St. Lawrence and Ottawa River valleys, as well as parts of the three northern territories. Approximately 5,000 mostly small earthquakes are recorded in Canada each year. In the past 100 years, at least nine earthquakes in or near Canada have registered a magnitude greater than 7. A few have caused extensive damage. Even a magnitude 6 earthquake could do extensive damage in a built-up area. In fact, a strong quake near one of Canada’s major urban areas would likely be the most destructive natural disaster this country could experience.

Earthquakes Canada

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What to EXPECT during an earthquake

What to do BEFORE an earthquake

What to do DURING an earthquake

What to do AFTER an earthquake

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