Make a Plan

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Making an Emergency Plan

Keep Calm and Make a Plan

After educating your family about what to Expect during an earthquake as well as what to do Before, During and After an earthquake, the next step is Making A Plan.

Every household needs an emergency plan.  It will help you and your family know what to do in case of an emergency.  It is important to remember that your family may not be together when an earthquake happens.  Discuss what could happen and what you should do if you are at home, at school or at work.  Make copies of your important documents ie: birth certificates, insurance documents, passports, medical information etc and keep these in your emergency kits and keep your originals in a safe, secure and waterproof spot.plan

Identify and get in touch with an out-of-town person who could act as your point of contact during emergencies.  Share this information with your family members as someone they can call.

Other things to think about are the safe exits from your home and surrounding area, designating someone to pick up children if you cannot and your meeting or rendezvous place to reunite with family.

Write your plan down and practice your plan annually making sure each family member has a copy readily accessible.

If your emergency plans include people with disabilities or special needs, click the link below to open a helpful pdf guide.

Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities/Special Needs

Also, don’t forget Fido and Fluffy.  Have food and water separate from your families requirements and include pet toys and a pet specific first aid kit.  A mobile emergency carrier is a safe haven for pets under stress and make sure your meeting place is “pet-friendly”.


The last but arguably the most important part of your emergency planning is where you will stay while the task of restoring services and making buildings habitable again takes place.

If your plans are to ‘Stay In’ or ‘Shelter In Place’ in your home or backyard, you have the great advantage of building up your food and water supplies beforehand and making your surroundings liveable for an extended period. Visit for the best long term food and water options available.  Even if these are your plans, it is still a necessity to have a good Earthquake Survival Kit near a protected exit from your home.

If you have to leave your location, all of the kits on Quake Kit, from our 72 Hour kits to our 1 Week and 2 Week kits are designed to be COMPLETE and PORTABLE.

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