1 Week Kits

Earthquake Kit

1 Week Kits

If a significant earthquake hits, supplies for 72 hours are not going to be enough. Extend your 72 hour kit with extra supplies or purchase a complete 1 week kit from the products below.

  • Store more water. 4 litres per person per day covers all cooking, drinking and basic hygiene needs. Include a filtration system or water treatment tablets in your kit.
  • Add additional food. You will soon feel the need for better nutrition to sustain your energy levels. Freeze-dried food is the solution.
  • Add cooking tools. Equip your kit with a portable stove, a pot and cooking utensils.
  • Consider your sanitation needs. Add a complete toilet set and a privacy tent!
  • Upgrade your shelter. A more substantial shelter such as a camping tent will protect you from the elements.

Other items you may wish to include – prescription medication, pet supplies, extra glasses, clothing, an alternate power source such as a solar powered battery.

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