2 Week Kits

2 Week Kits

Preparing for one week is good, preparing for two weeks is even better. After a substantial earthquake, you will very much be on your own to survive the recovery weeks to follow. Keep supplies like these two week kits in an accessible location, so you can return to them for survival.

  • Store enough water. 4 litres per person per day to cover basic cooking, drinking and hygiene needs. Don’t forget your pets! Include a filtration system or water treatment tablets.
  • Add a variety of food. The freeze-dried food in the kits below are excellent for keeping the nutritional levels up and they taste great.
  • Pack cooking tools. Equip your kit with a small portable stove and a pot for heating up food and warm drinks.
  • Consider your sanitation needs. Throw in extra rolls of toilet paper, a portable toilet, privacy tent and other personal hygiene items.

Other items you may wish to include – a camping tent, prescription medication, pet supplies, extra glasses, clothing, an alternate power source such as a solar powered battery.

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