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Earthquake Kit

Workplace Kits

Do you have a risk management strategy in place for your employees? If employees and clients are not able to leave the premises, do you have food, water, first aid and survival gear at the ready? It can be overwhelming and expensive sourcing everything you will need. This is where we can help! We have worked with companies of all sizes to meet their emergency preparedness needs. Our kits include many essentials that are often overlooked, from complete toilet sets to dynamo radio/flashlights that can charge cell phones and laptops. The food and water in these earthquake kits have a 5 year shelf life.

If you have specific needs for your workplace, we can custom make kits for you with your own corporate branding as well. Call us at 1.888.832.1733 to discuss your needs. For long term food and water storage, please contact our parent company, Total Prepare, for information and quotes.

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**Please note that N95 Masks may ship separately when stock is available.**

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