Red Cross Emergency App is a great addition to your phone or tablet

Be Ready App Now Available to Canadians

Less than a year ago (spring of 2016), the Canadian Red Cross launched a new app to help all Canadians prepare for and respond to emergencies effectively. It’s called Be Ready.

After exploring its features, we’re ready to recommend it as a great tool to have!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can select your area so that the whole app is personalized for you.
  • You can also manually choose which hazards to include in your version of the app, which is great if you already know the dangers of your area.
  • For each hazard, you can read about what action to take before, during and after!
  • Of course, for each hazard, some of the advice remains the same: know the risks, make a plan and get a kit.
  • In an effort to help you know the risks of each hazard, the app has a test section, where you can quiz yourself on your knowledge! You can redo tests as often as you like to ingrain the safety knowledge in your mind.
  • The app also provides a checklist that you can follow, for making an emergency preparedness plan. It includes basic reminders, such as planning for your pets, and also includes additional information (for the keeners) such as how to work with your community to be better prepared.
  • The emergency kit section also includes a super helpful checklist, broken down into absolute necessities, and “additional” items that in reality, would be really nice to have but aren’t exactly needed for survival. This section also includes a reminder to have an emergency kit in your vehicle, and a checklist especially for that kit!
  • Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people would get the Be Ready app is because it includes an alert feature, which offers geo-targeted notifications for the range of hazards you’ve chosen.
  • The app also comes with a map feature that allows you to check on the weather forecast in your area and connect with others in your area who prioritize preparedness.
  • Bonus feature: It includes a toolkit, with a strobe light, flashlight, alarm and opportunity to send out an “I’m safe” message to your loved ones.

Whether you’re just getting started with emergency preparedness or you’re a connoisseur, the Be Ready app is a wise way to get connected and elevate your chances of staying safe in an emergency.

 -Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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