Safe Travels!

It is one thing to be prepared at home, but what can we do when traveling? How can we prepare?

In August this year, a Canadian family’s earthquake survival story showed up in the news. As reported by CTV news, the family of four was traveling on Lombok Island in Indonesia when the deadly, 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck. Thankfully, after being trapped in their hotel room for some time while aftershocks continued to rock the island, they managed to get on a boat back to relative safety, and then a flight back to Canada a few days later.

Although the experience was a time of family bonding that, in the end, had a happy ending for this specific family, the earthquake killed at least 105 people and injured another 230 people. This natural disaster was truly a tragedy.

Lombok Island is a popular resort destination for tourists, and so many people impacted by the earthquake were mid-holiday and traveling far from home. It’s an important reminder that disasters like earthquakes always happen when you least expect them.

Putting together an earthquake kit for your home is essential, especially if you live in British Columbia or anywhere along the Pacific Ring of Fire. But have you ever thought about bringing emergency preparedness essentials with you when you’re on vacation?

It’s likely that you won’t be bringing it all, but perhaps we can help you boil it down to the very necessities by listing 5 of the smallest, and airplane-ready items to stuff in your backpack or suitcase next time you travel:

  1. SOS 3600 Calorie Food Bars *Most dried foods are allowed on international flights!
  2. LifeStraw Go *You’re likely planning to pack a water bottle anyway!
  3. Mini First Aid Kit *It’s travel size!
  4. Kaito Yellow Dynamo Flashlight/Radio *Light and communication all in one!
  5. HeatStore Reflective Blanket *Can squish in anywhere in your pack.

Unfortunately, packaged drinks are likely to explode during a flight, so it’s a better plan to make stocking up on water a top priority once you reach your destination.

You can also click here or here if you want further reading on how to stay earthquake prepared while you travel, or just want a checklist of safety reminders!

It’s a wonderful feeling to get the heck out of dodge and just jump into the adventure with traveling. But a little planning won’t hurt either. As with all aspects of emergency preparedness action, you’ll be glad that you did!

-Article Written by Sophie Wooding

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