Blue Can 50 Year Shelf Life Water


Premium Emergency Drinking Water in Cans!

Be prepared with emergency canned water that has a 50 year Shelf Life. Yes, you read that right…50 years!

Blue Can water is purified, sterilized and disinfected to remove any chemicals or particles using a 12 step multi-stage process. This level of purity creates a clean fresh taste most plastic bottles fail to achieve. Blue Can Water stays 100% pure and fresh for decades.


• Standard Case Pack: 24 12 oz (354.88 ml) Units
• Gallons/Case: 2.25 Gallons (8.51 Liters)
• Case Dimensions: 16″L x 10.6″W x 5.5″H
• Case Weight: 19.5 lbs. (8.98 kg)
• Storage Temperature: 33 to 150 degrees F (1 to 60 degrees C)

$39.95 per flat of 24*

*A $15.00 shipping fee per flat of 24 cans applies. FREE shipping applies when ordering half or full pallets. You can always call 888 832 1733 or email for a shipping quote prior to placing your order.



Blue Can 50 Year Shelf Life Water was created to provide fresh long lasting, great tasting, emergency drinking water in safely lined aluminum cans as the alternative to short shelf life plastic water bottles. Using a high-tech filtration system including sterilization that, once placed in lined aluminum cans under pressure, allows our water to stay 100% pure and fresh for decades.

How do we do this?

  • We purify the water to < 1ppm (parts per million) – compare to any leading plastic bottled water, this is revolutionary!
  • We hermetically pressure seal our cans with the highest standards to ensure freshness and durability when storing and shipping.

Stays fresh for decades of emergency storage

Can Water
The Pure Water in our Blue Cans will stay fresh for decades, because our aluminum cans protect the contents from light and other environmental factors. So you can have clean, fresh tasting water when you need it.

Plastic Water
Kick the plastic habit. We all know plastic bottles harm the environment. Did you know they are harmful to your health? With exposure to light, plastic particles leach into the water of a plastic bottle, changing the clean looking water into toxic water. Just as the clear plastic allows us to see the water, it also exposes the water to mold and fungus that the plastic cannot guard against.

Cans of water vs plastic bottles of water
Each aluminum can is made of up to 95% recycled aluminum. Each plastic bottle is made of ZERO% recycled plastic.  Plastic bottles are not allowed to be reused for food or beverages. Over 65% of aluminum cans are actually recycled. Plastic bottles, less than 9% get recycled.
Cans protect the water from light, mold and fungus, plastic does not. Water in cans lasts decades, in plastic bottles water spoils within 12-24 months. Aluminum cans never leach plastic or metal into the water. Cans get cold faster than plastic bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine your 50 year shelf life?
Blue Can offers a 50 year shelf life guarantee for its pure water products based on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that exceed standard FDA regulations and bottled water industry standards.
Blue Can filters and purifies our canned water to less than one part per million of dissolved solids.  During the canning process, each can of water is “patent pending” pressurized, removing all oxygen before hermetically sealing for long-term storage.  This gives Blue Can products the unique advantage of protection from UV light and all other possible contaminates, making the expiration of the pure water inside a Blue Can proportional to the shelf life of the aluminum container itself.  Unlike tin and steel, aluminum cans do not rust.  Therefore, Blue Can offers a 50 Year Shelf Life for its pure water products based on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that exceed standard FDA regulations and bottled water industry standards.

What temperature do you recommend storing Blue Can?
Temperature fluctuations do not change the quality of our water, but Blue Can water should not be frozen.  It is recommended water be stored between 0.5ºC and no higher than 62.78ºC for best results.

What are the specifications or standards for the canned water?
Blue Can water is purified, sterilized and disinfected to remove any chemicals or particles using a 12 step multi-stage process. This process includes using active-charcoal filters, dual reserve osmosis high pressure, six stage micron traps, two sterilizers, a high intensity UV light, active PH balance, ozoned with state-of-the-art technology and preserved under pressure with nitrogen gas and water structuring unit to create smaller clusters for better cell absorption by the consumer.

Is the water deionized?
BCW has an ORP of approx. 430, according to the FDA Certified Lab. Deionization is not required.  BCW already has less than 3ppm of dissolved solids.

What is the can liner made of?
In accordance with the FDA requirements, Blue Can Water cans have an epoxy coating on the inside to protect the contents from the metal (aged water in the can has been tested BPA-Free by an FDA certified lab).
Blue Can Pure Water is always at a neutral PH to prevent any decay of the epoxy coating inside the containers.

Is radiological testing conducted on the source water at least every 4 years? 
Radiological testing is done EVERY YEAR and no Radiological residue has been detected. Water analysis reports are performed by third party laboratories using procedures established by EPA, AOAC, APHA, AWW and WPCF.  Extensive testing was conducted by an independent analytical NELAP Accredited Laboratory  (Weck Laboratories Inc. ISO 17025, ELAP #1132, LACSD #10143, NELAC #04229CA) who certified that the test results meet all requirements of NELAC.  According to the certified lab report, BCW meets all drinking water standards as established by the State of California Department of Health Services.

What makes Blue Can Water so different?
First it’s in a can, not a plastic bottle, and the state of the art filtering process we use to purify the water makes it taste clean and fresh for decades.

How long will the water last in the can?
50 Years if stored properly.

Does the water taste metallic?
NO, there is an epoxy coating inside and outside of the can to protect the water from the aluminum.

Is the water BPA Free?
YES, Lab Certified. BPA Free Water, tested in the can.

I have an expensive home water filter system. How is Blue Can Water different?
Our water is filtered by the latest in modern technology multi-stage filtering and purification system to ensure the cleanest water possible.

How does the water hydrate your body faster than any other water?
We believe that the purity of our water with less than 1 part per million (ppm) of other stuff provides for smaller molecular clusters and thereby allows the water to penetrate the stomach wall faster and thereby hydrate your body faster, with no bloating.

Can I cook with this water?
Yes, Please do, it is great with Tea, Coffee or soups. Also is great in protein shakes.

We like our water at room temperature and in a glass, does it go flat after sitting in a glass?
No, it’s just like any water.

Why Aluminum Cans?
Aluminum is a sustainable metal and can be recycled over and over again. A can is generally turned into a new can and back on store shelves within 60 days. Cans are usually available through curbside pickup or community drop-off locations nationwide. Cans also chill faster, are colder to the touch on hot summer days, stack best, are the most recycled and recyclable container, are lightweight and volume efficient, maintain freshness, protect content from light, are tamper evident, have a long shelf life, are environmentally friendly, and are rigid and unbreakable. Cans protect their contents to ensure uniformity of product quality.

Additional information

Blue Can Options

Flat – 24 cans, Half Pallet – 1200 cans, Full Pallet – 2400 cans


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Blue Can 50 Year Shelf Life Water

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