The Essentials 3 Day Kit – 2 Person


A perfect basic or starter kit for emergency preparedness, this Essentials 3-Day Kit for 2 people is ready and waiting to go for any emergency. We’ve made this kit using only the most crucial preparedness items, saving you money and keeping the kit as light weight as possible.

This kit is easy to expand and has room to add personal items.

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Smaller than our other 72 hour kits, the Essential 3-Day Emergency Survival Kit is perfect as a car kit, for work/school, or as a go-bag at home. Exactly as the name implies it contains only the essentials for an emergency. It leaves out the bells and whistles, without skimping on whats important.

The backpack is discrete and compact, while still having room to add a spare set of clothes, or other personal items. Batteries are included for the flashlight/radio and are packed outside of their respective units. Food and water options have a 5 year shelf life.

4 Person option available here.


1 x          Medium Backpack
2 x          3600 Calorie Ration Bars
12 x        125mL Water Pouches
2 x          Emergency Blankets
2 x          Emergency Ponchos
2 x          Light Sticks
1 x          Signal Whistle
1 x          Duct Tape
1 x          Mini First Aid Kit
2 x          N95 Masks
1 x          Toilet Paper
1 x          Rubber Flashlight – D
2 x          D Batteries
1 x          AM/FM Radio
2 x          AA Batteries
1 x          Emergency Preparedness Guide
1 x          Pencil
1 x          Heavy Duty Zipbag


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The Essentials 3 Day Kit - 2 Person

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