Essential 3 Day Kit – 4 Person


Want a kit that has what you need without all the extra bells and whistles? Than the Essentials 3 Day Emergency Kits are for you!

Cover the basics and get a solid start to your emergency plan to build on in future. These kits come in compact backpacks, so they’re also ideal for car kits, or to keep in a hall closet or other tight space.




This Essential 3 Day emergency kit is a great place to start if you’re looking for the basics. With enough food and water to last 4 people for three days, plus supplies for survival, this kit covers your bases without going overboard.

Packed in two compact backpacks this kit is easy to grab and go with and there is space leftover in the bag to pack your own supplies. Keep it in your car, hall closet, garage, or a vermin and water proof container in the yard. The food and water can withstand temperatures from desert to tundra making this a simple option to store. The food and water have 5 year shelf lives.


2 x          Medium Backpack
4 x          3600 Calorie Ration Bars
24 x        125mL Water Pouches
4 x          Emergency Blankets
4 x          Emergency Ponchos
4 x          Light Sticks
1 x          Signal Whistle
1 x          Duct Tape
1 x          Mini First Aid Kit
4 x          N95 Masks
1 x          Toilet Paper
1 x          Rubber Flashlight – D
2 x          D Batteries
1 x          AM/FM Radio
2 x          AA Batteries
1 x          Emergency Preparedness Guide
1 x          Pencil
1 x          Heavy Duty Zipbag


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Essential 3 Day Kit - 4 Person

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