Rolling 2-Person 3 Day Earthquake Kit


The ultimate in earthquake kits, this crush-resistant, easy-roll emergency earthquake kit is packed with high quality emergency supplies. The super-strong exoskeleton frame protects inside contents from damage from falling debris in a disaster. The integrated seat and gear platform provides a place to rest or to carry the wounded. This is an outstanding 72 hour emergency kit for 2 people.



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This next generation MobileAid™ Rolling 2-Person 3 Day Earthquake Kit provides 3 Days (72 hours) of emergency support for 2 people. This compact mobile emergency 72 hour kit includes 3 internal ballistic nylon pouches for quick access organization of emergency supplies that provide essential first aid, breathing protection, water and food (5 year shelf life), shelter, warmth, communication, light, hygiene, and sanitation. Its super durable aerospace class exoskeleton frame, heavy duty weather-resistant bag, and ballistic nylon water-resistant internal pouches help to protect emergency supplies in all weather conditions.

This mobile kit’s unique dual wheel design aides in transport and makes climbing curbs and stairs easy. An integrated seat and gear platform offers a place for people to sit and rest or can be used to haul additional emergency supplies (supports up to 300 lbs). Its vibrant safety orange colored Zuca bag and flashing LED wheels assist in identification and a telescoping handle retracts for compact storage in less than 2 cubic feet (12.25” x 18.5” x 14.0”). This next generation mobile emergency kit replaces heavy backpacks, duffle bags and boxes of emergency supplies.

Special Features:

  • Compact/Comprehensive Emergency kit: emergency-grade supplies recommended by the U.S. Government and numerous others supplies for increased protection and comfort
  • Quick-access organization: Emergency preparedness supplies are organized in 3 Quick-Response vinyl-lined pouches with carrying straps
  • Easy-roll/flexible transport: dual 4″ polyurethane wheels aid in rapid response and climb stairs or curbs with little effort
  • Seating and gear platform: allows for people to be seated to rest and can be used to transport additional equipment and supplies (supports up to 300 lbs)
  • Easy identification: highly visible orange bag and flashing (red/blue) LED wheels
  • Durable protection for supplies: Super durable, lightweight frame construction, water-resistant ballistic nylon inner pouches, and heavy duty weather-resistant bag safeguard contents


For personal protection

  • (2) N-95 respirators (face masks)
  • (1) Insect repellent pump spray (2 oz bottle)

For communication and light

  • (2) Metal whistles with lanyard
  • (1) AM/FM radio with two sets of AA batteries
  • (1) Notepad
  • (1) Pen
  • (2) Flashlights with 2 sets of AA batteries for each
  • (1) Flashing LED Safety signal (visible at 2,500 feet)
  • (2) 12 Hour light sticks

For hydration and nutrition

  • (2) 2,400 calorie food bar (12 individually wrapped 200 calorie portions; 5 year shelf life – U.S. Coast Guard approved)
  • (12) 4 oz. emergency water pouches (5 year shelf life)
  • (1) Collapsible 2 gallon water bag for carrying, purifying, and storing water
  • (50) Water purification tablets

For shelter/warmth

  • (1) Emergency Shelter Tube Tent
  • (2) Emergency thermal blankets
  • (2) Insulated Emergency blankets with waterproof shell
  • (2) Emergency ponchos
  • (1) Box of waterproof matches

For sanitation and hygiene

  • (2) Toilet paper rolls
  • (6) Biohazard waste bags
  • (12) Moist towelettes
  • (2) Hand sanitizers (4oz bottles)
  • (18) EZ disposable towels (in 9 count stay-fresh tubes)
  • (2) Bar soaps
  • (2) Toothbrushes
  • (2) Combs
  • (2) Toothpaste tubes

For medical emergencies

  • (1) First Aid Kit
  • (1) First Aid guidebook
  • (2) Personal First Aid packets

For turning off utilities and other tasks

  • (1) pair leather palmed work gloves
  • (1) 14-in-1 multi-function tool (needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, file/cutter, flat file, pointed screwdriver, mini screwdriver, small screwdriver, screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, punch, knife blade)

For storage and easy transport

  • Emergency preparedness supplies are packed in a heavy duty weather-resistant bag protected by a super durable aerospace exoskeleton frame handle that rides on a dual set of 4″ polyurethane wheels. Personal emergency supplies are individually packed in 4 personal water resistant pouches. Group emergency supplies are packed in a water-resistant pouch and quick access pockets. Telescoping handle retracts for compact storage in less than 2 cubic feet (12.25″ x 18.5″ x 14.0″).

Dimensions and weight:

External dimensions: (including wheels) 12.25″W x 18.5″H x 14.0″D
External dimensions: (excluding wheels) 10.0″W x 18.5″H x 14.0″D
Internal dimensions: 8.5″W x 15.5″H x 12.0″D
Access door dimensions: 8.0″W x 13.0″H
Handle extension: 38″
Product Weight: 27 lbs


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Rolling 2-Person 3 Day Earthquake Kit

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