Survival Aid Whistle


A waterproof matchbox, liquid filled dial compass, fire starter flint and a shrill signal whistle in one. Comes with a nylon lanyard.

Tip: don’t let your 3 year old find it…the whistle will drive you nuts! Needless to say it will get your attention. ☺

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This is so much more than just a signal whistle. This handy little multi-tool has a water-tight storage space for a handful of strike-anywhere matches, and a bar of flint to help you start life-saving fires when you need them. The liquid filled dial compass will help to keep you on track and heading back to civilization, or tell you which way is North when your GPS suddenly dies. The nylon lanyard is long, providing a bit of extra cord in an emergency. The whistle comes in a bright orange for easy spotting and it also floats.

*matches not included*

Size: 4 1/2″ (11.4 cm) long. Diameter: 1″ (2.5 cm)

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Survival Aid Whistle

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