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Your Top Earthquake Resources in British Columbia

As a local company with our home base in Victoria, BC, we aim to be a quality resource for all of your earthquake preparedness needs. You can purchase earthquake kits and other earthquake supplies online very simply, and if you come into our showroom and shop at 48 Crease Avenue, you’ll get a chance to trade emergency tips with our knowledgeable staff!

We wouldn’t be nearly as top-quality or knowledgeable without the many resources we reference, so we thought that today we’d share some of our favourites! The knowledge around earthquakes is shifting, just as surely as the earth beneath our feet. This way, you can get in the loop with us, and stay in the loop too!

Here are some of our top resources:

Throughout each week, it’s also such a pleasure to have conversations about preparedness with people we meet in person and people we “meet” on our Facebook page and Twitter account!

Tell us, where did you start the learning process about earthquakes and preparedness! We’re interested to know, so we can continually add to our list of resources!

-Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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