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On November 14, the community of Kaikoura in New Zealand suffered a M7.8 earthquake just 2 minutes after midnight. Lasting for more than a minute, the earthquake ruptured along multiple fault lines.

It has been classified as one of the world’s 3 largest earthquakes in 2016.

The earthquake also triggered a tsunami and as of November 24, more than 5,000 aftershocks have been recorded in Marlborough, Canterbury, Wellington and elsewhere in the nation.

Tragically, 2 people have been reported dead and 57 people have been treated for injuries. In the past week alone, 7 further earthquakes of at least M1.5 have been recorded in New Zealand, with a powerful earthquake of M5.9 rocking central New Zealand on November 21. Fortunately, no further damages or injuries have been reported.

All throughout the world, countries who are a part of the Ring of Fire wonder if they’ll be alive when their own community is struck by an imminent earthquake. However, most people don’t expect their country to be shaken so mercilessly as New Zealand has been, with so many earthquakes happening in so little time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with every person who has been affected by these disasters, and we encourage you to look into ways that you can help. You might even consider donating to the New Zealand Red Cross, and their November 2016 Earthquake Appeal.

As of November 24, people are finally allowed to drive themselves out of the town of Kaikoura, but the going isn’t easy. It takes a long time for communities to rebuild after disasters like these, so your ongoing support is much appreciated.

 -Article contributed by Sophie Wooding – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for

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