School Kits

School Kits

We supply individual students, as well as entire Schools, Universities, and Home Day Cares with emergency supplies. Let us help you meet the emergency management requirements set out for you by your governing body.

What are the advantages of these kits?

  • You don’t need to replace them every year – the food and water in these kits have a 5 yr shelf life.
  • The classroom kits include many overlooked needs, such as toilets and communication devices.
  • The individual kits are small enough to fit in any desk, locker or backpack.
  • The classroom kits are designed to minimize space requirements.

If you have specific needs for your school, we can custom make kits for you. Call us at 1.888.832.1733 to discuss your needs. For long term food and water storage, please contact our parent company, Total Prepare, for information and quotes.

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**Please note that N95 Masks may ship separately when they return to stock.**

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